The Apeiron Argus
Boo Media Newspaper

The Apeiron Argus is a Boo Media owned newspaper originating on Apeiron, Boondoxia.


The Apeiron Argus started as a local newspaper for Apeiron before Unification, it quickly gained popularity and, with that, the attention of Boo Media. Boo Media swiftly purchased the company and the Argus soon became a major asset. With the funding of Boo Media behind it, the Argus was able to move out to the entire country. Following Unification Boo Media took this even further and spread it over all of the newly formed Ostentia.

Boo Media often refer to it as their rival to The Weekly Lampost and the Argus is the best selling of all Boo Media's newspapers.

Its front page usually consists of three articles, one concerning Ostentian Affairs, one concerning Foreign Affairs and one an exclusive report on Boo Labs inventions.

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