The Daily Slander
Boo Media Newspaper

The Daily Slander is a Boo Media owned newspaper that began the day Commoncold0 and the Ostentian Democrat Party came into power. It immediatly began running stories concerning election rigging as well as other accusations. It commonly refers to the ODP as the Evil Capitalist Party, and often attacks its members.

The Daily Slander is currently the longest running daily newspaper in the history of Ostentia.


Issue 1 - Concerns Election rigging.

Issue 2 - Concerns Sabotage at the Boo Party Aniversary Celebrations.

Issue 3 - Concerns the kidnapping of the Hypnotoad.

Issue 4 - Concerns the theft of muffins.

Issue 5 - Concerns the use of the Hypnotoad on Cieran.

Issue 6 - Concerns a Capitalist seige on the House

Issue 7 - Concerns the theft of a genetically engineered giant squid.

Issue 8 - Concerns the Internet phenominon; Hypnorolling.

Issue 9 - Concerns a giant HRH attacking a town with eye lasers.

Issue 10 - Concerns a mysterious satallite in orbit.

Issue 11 - Concerns spy allogations.

Issue 12 - Concerns CC0 burning down an orphanage.

Issue 13 - Concerns more bread-based vanishings

Issue 14 - Concerns a raid by Boo Labs and Hartford Group's space launch

Issue 15 - Concerns another raid and more on the spacecraft

Issue 16 - Concerns the plans for Hartford Group's spacecraft]

Issue 17 - Concerns a Boo Labs anti-satellite defence, concluding with lost transmission

Issue 18 - Concerns the glorious coming of a capitalist empire and the outlawing of kittens

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