The Evil Party
The Evil Party


The Evil Party was founded upon the breakup of The Boo Party by its more left-wing members, led by Inevitable. It stood in two elections, forming the government once in coalition with The MLBLP, before Inevitable re-formed the Boo party.



The Evil Party has voted upon this manifesto. It reflects equality within our fair nation, although some people are obviously more equal than others.


1:1 I am in charge

2:1 Redistribution of the nations wealth

3:1 Land ownership to be abolished, replaced with a rental system from the Government

4:1 Education of the nations youth to be a primary concern, focusing more upon the sciences.
4:2 A "Boo Youth" to be formed to instruct children on behaviour and also for exercise and other "Healthy" pastimes
4:3 Funding for this to be diverted from the space program

5:1 A new defence program, including research into neuclear silos, cloning vats and psycic stuff
5:2 A non aggrssive war policy. We only fight to defend our land, not to expand it

Areas of focusEdit

The Evil Party will focus its attentions on three main areas:

  1. Health and Social Care
  2. Law and Order
  3. Education

These three factors are most important of all. We believe that it is the right of every individual to live a safe and healthy life. It is also a shared belief that everyone has the right to good schooling. In the modern world intelligence is a key asset to any nation.

As a side factor our aim shall be to improve the Environment also.


The most recent party membership was as follows:

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