The Island of Kria, like its neighbour, the main island of Valaxia, was formed by an eruption of the volcano that forms the centrepiece. However, unlike the Dome on Valaxia, Kria's volcano is still active, with the last eruption being only a few decades ago. Despite the risk this poses, the island is fairly densely populated, with vineyards covering the southern slopes of the volcano, and the sprawling town of Imbrium to the north. Imbrium is an entirely artificial town, built in the early 1980s during an economic boom, around an old vineyard, Imbria. There are smaller villages, mainly on the edges of the island. The island has a moderate tourist industry, with visitors drawn by the chance to view an active volcano, wine-tasting experiences in the vineyards, as well as the beaches, which are generally less busy than those of Valaxia and well as cleaner.

The main economic activity on the island, however, is fishing, with wine-making coming in second. Krian wine is generally considered to be superior to mainland Valaxian wine.

The island holds the distinction of being the only multi-constituency island in Ostentia controlled by a single party, the Democratic Socialist Party holding both seats on the island.

The MP for Greater Imbrium is Cieran, current Leader of the Opposition.

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