The Islanders Party
The Islanders Party
Social Democracy

The Islanders Party was a short-lived political party created upon the unification of Ostentia. It was baed in The Northern Isles and was formed from the remnants of the political establishment there which did not want to join the F&V=P Party. In the September 2007 General Election it won 4 seats in the House of Commons. However, frustrated by the lack of influence such a small party had on the government of Ostentia, a proposal was put before the party executive which suggested that they merge into the F&V=P Party, which by this time had become more moderate. The proposal was accepted by everyone except Toby Allander, who resigned in disgust. The merger was completed by the next election, and as a result the Northern Isles effectively became a collection of safe seats for the F&V=P Party until the rise of the Northern Isles Separatist Party.

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