The ME Party
The Moderate Exilian Party
Moderate Right

For the Democratian party of the same name, see The ME Party (Democratia).


The ME Party was founded by HRH King Zog II soon after the unification of Ostentia. It stood in the first election, but in the second election HRH supported The Fruit & Veg = Perfection Party, before eventually joining it.


  • Introduction: The Moderate Exilian Party focuses on setting up an Exilian style of government in this fair Ostentia of ours.
  • Health policy: Make Ostentia a world leader in Healthare with recruitment drives and government funded research
  • Transport policy: Give government control over timetabling and routes but allow private franchises to run the buses and set non-season ticket prices
  • Law and order policy: Unify the existing seperate security services of Ostentia's member nations by creating a new department which will supersede the existing ones
  • Foreign affairs policy: Secure Ostentia against the threat of the Rogue State Democratia. Pursue an open free trade policy with other nations and increase ties with Exilia
  • Ostentian affairs policy: Forge a new national identity for all Ostentians to identify with and decrease military autonomy to prevent military coups. Also pursue a highly trained professional unified military.
  • Environment: Introduce strict new measures on planning permission for greenfield sites and create more local allotments in urban areas.
  • Economy policy: Simplify the existing tax systems my introducing a flat tax rate on everything for the Domestic Sector. Scrap any existing subsidies.
  • Education policy: Increase government funding to higher education with generous university and research grants to students, universities & corporate research.

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