The ME Party


The ME Party
Magical Excellence


The ME Party was the first party to be founded in Democratia, under the leadership of Villy Trebuchet. It went on to form the first government, before being disbanded. Its slogan was "M for Magical and E for Excellence". It had a very populist manifesto, though very few policies from this were introduced.



Here at the ME party, we are aiming for the serving of free marshies to every voter and member of the party, and the spreading of world wide wuvliness!


  1. Everybody gets free marshies!
  2. Everybody gets free muffins!
  3. In education, coursework and exams are banned! To apply for a job, you only need to rely on your own presentation and a compilation of different teacher assessments. For jobs that would require high qualifications, there can be an exam to prove your worth.
  4. Crime is against the law!
  5. No more internet bills!
  6. Mean people are banned!
  7. Exclamation marks are greatly encouraged!
  8. All chavs to be deported!
  9. Whenever a computer breaks, a government employee will be right around with a shiny new one!
  10. ME supports World Wide Wuvliness!

Villy's Pointless SpeechEdit

Friends, Democratians, countrymen. Lend me your ears - and your votes! For in the end, in the fullness of time, Democratia needs a government, a democracy, and the ME party is the party to make up that government! I will not stand by and watch another generation of Democratians oppressed by the high charging internet companies, and I will not stand by as computers are breaking and crashing day by day. I will not stand by and watch education choices not being allowed to be chosen by the student! We have a right to learn how we want to learn, and to be allowed to achieve our full potential in the method of assessment that we do best at! But I cannot do it alone; I need your votes and support to make it happen. And when we make it happen, what a world it will be! A better world, for the good of all, where free marshies are given out at whenever you need them, where people smile and wave at each other on the streets, rather than mug each other with knives. Where communities join together to help people in need, and no-one is made to feel unwanted. To make this world come true, this dream come true, then join together, and vote ME!


During its time in office, the party membership was as follows:

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