The Nashun Liberal Party
The Nashun Liberal Party
John Fists
Elliot Reid
Yes (only in Nashun)

The Liberal Party is a major political party in Nashun, Ostentia. Before unification it had been extremely succesful in Nashun, forming more governments than any other party. However, when Ostentia was formed, it refused to merge into any of the new, national parties. Although it went on to win 16 seats in the September 2007 General Election (Ostentia's first), its fortunes have since declined to the extent that for a period it was not represented in the House of Commons. It has however been pointed out that if a proportional voting system is introduced in Ostentia, then they would fare better at elections. As such, it is now their policy to support such proposals for electoral reform. In regional politics they remain an active force, controlling many councils in Nashun and forming the official opposition in the Nashun Assembly. The party currently controls four seats.

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