The Oredian Republican Party
The Oredian Republican Party
Martin Cromwell
Jenny Price
(at time of dissolution)

The Republican Party was one of the main political parties in Oredia prior to unification. It sought primarily to abolish the monarchy, and aim which it had succeeded in doing on several occasions, only for their opponents the Oredian Royalist Party to repeatedly re-establish it. In the years before unification, as the global economy slumped, the party split. A series of inconclusive elections had produced a hung parliament, and many republican backbenchers wanted to form a coalition with the Royalist Party, so that the problems threatening Oredia could be dealt with as effectively as possible. When the leadership refused, the backbenchers rebelled and founded the Oredian Democratic Republican Party, which later dropped its republican ideals and became the Oredian Democrat Party. By the time of unification, the party had slumped into third place. When it came to ratifying The Ostentian Constitution, the party opposed it, because it did not abolish the Oredian monarchy. However, while the party leadership had only been attempting to make an attack on the monarchy, the opposition to unification became entrenched in the minds of some backbenchers. Sure enough, the leadership soon faced another rebellion and many members of the party left to create the Oredian Separatist Party. The Party continued to perform badly in the polls, losing all of its seats in the House of Commons in December 2007 and then losing all of its seats in the Oredian Assembly in February 2008. A month later, the party was officially dispanded.

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