The Royalist Party
The Royalist Party


The Royalist Party was founded by HRH King Charles III, and was the first right-wing party in Democratia. It stood *in two elections, but failed to win either. It did however form a coalition government with the Birthday Party, before merging with it, despite the Royalist Party being ostensibly right-wing, and the Birthday Party being left-wing.



The Royalist party stands for returning industry and pride to Democratia and her people. The main aspect of attention is the economy. If the ecomony is strong than the need for radical left-wing action is reduced due to higher tax income and better jobs. Also, to improve tourist income a figurehead monarchy will be established to draw in guillible foreign punters. The monarchy will also return pride to the people and improve Law and Order.


  • Aid society by creating jobs through strong economy
  • Increase exports and decrease imports
  • Replace Boo's lousy trade treaty with a better one
  • Run country in good, proper capitalist way
  • Decrease income tax but create more jobs to decrease expenditure
  • Increase diplomatic links with other countries
  • Become Evil Overlord by following tips from Evil Overlord list
  • Have Aquatic Evil captured and shot immediately


HRH King Charles III was the only member.

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