The Sheepy Party
The Sheepy Party

The Sheepy Party was based in Democratia_(Old) only.


Founded by Edgar J. Sheepy in 1876, the Sheepy party was originally a chain of stores selling discount warehouses. After expanding into the world of space vehicle manufacture in 1906, the company soon went bankrupt after it was discovered that 'nobody cared about space exploration.' To celebrate 100 years out of business the company was re-opened as a political party. It went on to stand in one election under Sheepling which it won, but he then disbanded it a few days into the term, citing dissatisfaction with the political system.

Political viewsEdit

The Sheepy party believes that everyone should have the right to put their ideas forward, no matter how stupid or left wing they are. I'm looking at you, the Boo Party! If elected, Sheepling promises to stick around and not bugger off like his predecessor, Villy Trebuchet of the ME Party did. He also promises that he will make no promises he can't guarantee he'll keep, and that he will stay open minded when it comes to the views of others.


Sheepling was the only member.

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