The U.C.C.R.
Official name
The Union of Corporate Capitalist Republics
Head of State
Chancellor Anthony Simpson
Government type
Corporate Kleptocracy

The Union of Corporate Capitalist Republics is a country lying somewhere to the north of Autocratia. Little is currently known about the country.


The U.C.C.R. is made up of the four former nations of Niatland, Fiasda, Fletland and South Herna. Due to this, the nation is huge and has a vastly different geography from coast to coast. The capital, New Triumph, is situated in the old South-Herna to the north-west.


The U.C.C.R. is considered an economic powerhouse, but over 80% of the nations wealth is in the hand of only 10% of the population. The U.C.C.R. has embraced its mixed economy and imports little, while exporting much and undercutting rivals. Officially, 43 of the 50 richest people in the world are from the U.C.C.R., but a select few have distanced themselves from the country.


Executive BranchEdit

Headed by the Chancellor, government is led by a group known only as The Collective, whom the Chancellor appoints personally. The vast majority are wealthy businessmen with the rest being the close friends and family of wealthy businessmen. The exact number of people within the Collective is unknown, with estimates between twenty and the high hundreds.

Legislative BranchEdit

Same as the executive branch.


Relations with OstentiaEdit

  • Ambassador to Ostentia: Carl Leonard
  • Ostentian Ambassador: Lenny Carlson
  • Formal Relations: Yes

Relations between Ostentia and The Union are not good. The Union captured and held prisoner two Ostention exploration teams due to Ostentia's support of Democratia, one of which was sent to discover what had happened to the first. The Ostentian government eventually found out what had happened through Christophia who was able to facilitate talks with The Union. Further communications from The Union included threats.

Despite this, the Ostentian Democrat Party has announced that it will be attempting to open formal relations with the Union.

Formal relations with the Union were opened on July 26 2009, although many Ostentian residents believed that the U.C.C.R. should still be treated as an enemy.

International RelationsEdit

  • Eronam: No contact between the two countries.
  • Empthrinia: Formerly major oil exporters until the U.C.C.R discovered its own reserves.
  • Nellapaland: No contact between the two countries.
  • Aspar: No contact between the two countries.
  • Wo: Wo often criticizes the U.C.C.R.’s moral practices, although Woism remains the top religion in the country.
  • Exilia: Each nation looks down on the other with contempt.
  • Autocratia: Strong allies. The U.C.C.R. aided Autocratia in their war against Democratia, believing them to be the better military nation.
  • Gelland: Considered to be economic rivals.
  • Christophia: Following the outbreak of war, the two nations joined forces to fight a menace from the north.
  • Topanto: No contact between the two countries.