The Valaxian/Boondoxian Channel is the busiest shipping area in the seas around Ostentia, with many ships carrying goods and tourists across the channel, and others going along the channel, making a trade route between the East and West sides of the island. The naming of the channel was much disputed: for centuries the Valaxians had known it as the Valaxian Channel, while the Boondoxians, and most mainlanders, referred to it as the Boondoxian Channel. However, following the unification of Ostentia it was necessary to decide on an official name, and so as to avoid angering either side both regions were included in the name. However, the Valaxians and Boondoxians still rigidly stick to their old name for it, while other people tend to save time by simply calling it "The Channel". Recently ideas were floated to build a bridge over the channel but these have since been shelved due to high cost and local opposition.

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