Toby Allander (??/??/???? - 12/05/2008) was the leader of the Separatist party in the Northern Isles. He grew up in Torness, the capital of the island. His father was a fisherman, but he lost his boat in the great storm in 2007, and shortly after committed suicide. Mr Allander was greatly distraught after this, and feeling that the national government of Ostentia had not done enough to help the islanders, he set about campaigning for independence for the Northern Isles. He managed to secure a referendum, which the separatists won, but only narrowly, so a second referendum was called. The separatists narrowly lost this, but Mr Allander refused to accept defeat, and continued campaigning. This led him to visit the mainland during the election of May 2008, to draw greater publicity to his campaign. However, on his return to Torness he was arrested, and taken to the mainland for further questioning. There, as he was being taken out of Apeiron Police Station into an armoured vehicle, he was shot in a drive-by shooting, rumoured to have been by the Mafia, which also hit 3 policemen, including the Chief of Police who was pronounced dead on the scene. Mr Allander was rushed to hospital, but failed to recover. This led to a power struggle within the Separatist party, and in the ensuing regional election they lost all but 1 of their seats in the Regional Assembly.

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