The Combined United State of Topanto
Head of State
Hektor Guntacka
Government type
Trade-unionist state
Topantan Peso

Topanto is a country located North-West of Ostentia, directly north of Christophia


Mainland Topanto is a predominantly flat landscape, with much of the northeast covered by tropical rainforests. The Islands in the north are fotted with small settlements, having only been conquered in recent years. The capital, Vaha, is on the very western tip of the mainland, and like most large cities in the nation is host to many shanty towns on the outskirts.


Topanto’s economy has been crippled over the last few years, due in part to drastic mismanagement by the government but predominantly due to a former heavy reliance on oil exports. When the oil reserves dried up, so did Topanto’s economic strength. Determined to be self-sufficient, the government has refused foreign aid on numerous occasions.


The democratic system in Topanto collapsed long ago following the end of a civil-war and the country has been led by the Union of Unions ever since. While officially, the President has no extra authority over the other ministers, in practice whatever he says goes.


Relations with OstentiaEdit

  • Ambassador to Ostentia: None
  • Ostentian Ambassador: None
  • Formal Relations: No

Relations between Ostentia and Topanto are non-existant and have never even been attempted.

International RelationsEdit

  • Christophia: Following the outbreak of war, Topanto declared neutrality, certain that Christophia would be forced to defend them from invasion should the danger arise. The Battle of Feedro Bay proved this theory to be correct.
  • Empthrinia: No contact between the two countries.
  • Nellapaland: No contact between the two countries.
  • Aspar: Ambassadors are in place, but contact is otherwise limited.
  • Eronam: Historians have suggested that Eronam may have aided Topanto when it rebelled and declared independence from Christophia 50 years ago. This has not been confirmed, however.
  • Wo: The Church of Wo, as all religions in Topanto, has been banned by the government.
  • Exilia: No contact between the two countries.
  • Autocratia: No contact between the two countries.
  • Democratia: No contact between the two countries.
  • Gelland: Numerous aid offers from Gelland have been turned down by Topanto.
  • The U.C.C.R: No contact between the two countries.

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