University Subsidisation Amendment Act
University Subsidisation Amendment Act
Government Bill

The University Subsidisation Amendment Act amended Miniyoda008's original Subsidised University Tuition Act, receiving his full support. It went as follows:

University Subsidisation Amendment ActEdit

Below is the University Subsidisation Bill. I suggest the amendment described below that be added.

Under this Bill the costs of university education to the people of Ostentia will be determined mostly by family income, but also by academic performance, with better performing students or students from lower income families getting more support. Thus, the highest performing students from the poorest families will be entitled to subsidies for their university education, while people from the richest families will have to pay the normal cost. This will encourage those who are competent enough to go to university, but would not normally be able to pay for it, to realise their full academic potential. This will be paid for by the spare education budget units.

As per the following modification, subsidies will take the form of Bursaries. Students will only be able to claim the money providing they ARE achieving their potential in university. The Bursaries will be paid out following the guidelines used for the above, however they will be followed stricter than before. It is important to note that no bursaries can be given until after the first semester, when the student’s work is analysed. Furthermore, the bursaries can never be sufficient to allow a student to go to university for free, unless the costs of the course are lower than the average.

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