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Crisium, Imbrium
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The holiday island of Ostentia. Enjoying warm ocean currents and in a favourable position with the prevailing winds, Valaxia enjoys a mild climate in winter, and a warm one in summer. Also a popular destination for foreign tourists, it draws rather a multicultural society. The primary industries on the island are tourism and plantation farming. A former Region, it became a state following the country's 2009 reforms.


Nectaris, the regional capital of warm Valaxia, is located on the west side of the island, at the foot of the Dome. Understandably, Nectaris is a tourist hotspot. Local venders are often in the streets of this city, and the shops tend to cater for the tourist market, with many fine restaurants among them. If you can escape the main centre, you may see some of the ancient Valaxian architecture, located in the upper parts of the city.

Other Towns and CitiesEdit



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