The Valaxian Honey Corporation is a business that mainly sells honey, it is the leader in the honey market of Ostentia, holding a 72% market share. The Valaxian Honey Corporations main office is based in Nectaris, the main factory is at the mouth of the valax and it has various warehouses throughout the mainland. The honey is transported from Valaxia to the mainland via ferry. The company is currently headed by Lord Davies, who took sole ownership after the passing of his brother, sqeak. It was previously owned by their father.


The Valaxian Honey Corporation is well marketed, with the mascot Bumble The Hobo who appears in various adverts made by the corporation. The company also had another mascot known as The Sneaky Bee who was discontinued as of July 2009. A newspaper was released by the company, which only run for one issue and was discontinued due to problems with the publishers.

The company currently has a partnership with Vox Valaxia, a Valaxia based newspaper.

Infusions Range

In July 2009, The Valaxian honey Corporation announced it would be introducing the Infusions range in August, through its partner, Vox Valaxia. The infusions range is a line of flavoured Honey,infused with real fruit chunks, the first line is to be fruits of the forest.

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