Vertonia is a Planet in Evil Plans in Space, known for its large vineyards and strong technology base. The planet itself has a widely tropical climate with temperate regions near the coastline. The surface of the planet is approximately 30% water.


Life on Vertonia as currently known is not native. Instead the current Human society is formed from the survivors of the crash of an ancient primitive spacecraft known as Autocracy I. In the society that followed almost all waking effort was spent in attempting to return to the stars. However large amounts of Autocracy I's records were lost in the crash and much of the original settler's knowledge soon afterwards in the great library fire of P.C. 12. These included notably the art of baking. As a result the society of Vertonia was further driven by a deep hunger for the reclaimation of cookies, muffins and the like.


According to the records contained in Autocracy I the only possible ruler for a society is the one known as HRH King Zog II, a figure shrouded in legend and mystery. The records indictae Autocracy I was launced by something known as the E.S.A. which was lead by HRH King Zog II. However as HRH King Zog II is not present an Imperial Council lead by Lord Vertonius rules in his stead. The Imperial Council consists of:

  • Head of Space Research
  • Head of Economic affairs
  • Head of Social affairs
  • Head of Foreign affairs (Until recently this position was traditionally left vacant)
  • Head of Environmental affairs
  • Chairman

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