West Mearor
West Mearor
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Eucellia, Idyn, Ormolu, Lyciti
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Straddling the peninsula, the former region of West Mearor contains many varying landscapes. From the flat, market gardens of the coasts, to the hilly interior, it is like Ostentia in miniature. The capital, Epiphany, is located down the River Ly from the spectacular Scimitar Falls, at 453m, the highest easily accessible waterfall in Ostentia, caused by the transition of the granite uplands typifying central Ostentia, to the flat clay soils of the Bay of Apaturi. The northern coast is less well developed, karst limestone makes it unsuitable for major farming, and lack of overground rivers make for few settlements. The beaches, because of this, are unrivalled in all of mainland Ostentia. Following the 2009 transition to a federal system, the Region was split into the states of Enchiridion, Epiphany and parts of Midlands.

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The capital of Enchiridion